Email Notification Recipients

As an owner/manager of your store in Mobi2Go, ensuring that the right people receive the right notifications is key to your success as a business.

There are a couple of situations when an email notification is sent:

Order Confirmation Emails

  • Purpose: Notifies the recipient that an order has been received
  • Who gets them? Confirmation email recipients are listed in the Store Settings, under Receiving Orders. (The customer also gets a confirmation email, confirming their order details, of course!)
  • How to change who gets these: Scroll down for instructions on how to add a new Confirmation Email Recipient, or change which email address receive your order confirmation emails.


Failed Order Notification Emails

  • Purpose: A failed order notification lets the recipient know that an order has failed for one of two reasons (details on the two reasons here: Failed Orders
  • Who gets them? By default, all Users in your organisation who have access to the store where the failed order was sent will receive failed order notifications. This includes all users at the Head Office and Store level (If you have one store, these are the same).
  • How to change who gets these: If not all Users want to receive failed order notifications, it's easy to opt out - Click here to see how.

Adding a Confirmation email recipient

  1. In Mobi2Go from the store's Dashboard, click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  2. In Settings locate Receiving Orders and click EDIT.
  3. In Receiving Orders under Confirmation email recipients, add the valid email address where you'd like to receive notifications of orders as they are made.
  4. Once you have finished adding in all of the email addresses, click SAVE to submit the changes


Confirmation email recipients can only be added at a Store level, not a Head Office level. If you would like to add an email recipient, ensure you access the appropriate store first.

Removing or Updating a Confirmation email recipient

If you need to remove or update a Confirmation email recipient, this can be done from the same location.

  1. To remove a Confirmation Email Recipient, click in the field & backspace/delete the email address until the field is blank 
  2. To update, simply change the old email address to the new email address
  3. Once you have finished deleting and/or updating all of the email addresses, click SAVE to submit the changes

Sales Report Emails


While it's more of a routine monthly report than a notification, one more type of email we send is the Sales Report, which has a summary of weekly/monthly sales. You can choose whether to opt in or out of these by going to your Account Settings, and changing Receive Sales Reports to YES or NO

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