Importing a menu (POS)

To get to the menu importer page you need to select > Menu > Go to menu importer

There are two main reasons you will need to import your menu into Mobi2Go and there are two ways to go about this:

  • Initial menu load 
  • Changes to your menu on your POS which need to be updated to your online menu

Ways to import a menu:

  • CSV file - Please click on the following link to view an article on CSV imports:
  • POS

If you have multiple locations which different menus, please ensure you select the correct location from the drop down menu.  Select > Import

The items which will be imported, will appear in a list below - for example:

Here you can manually un-tick items you do not want to import for your online ordering set up.

Once you are happy with the list.  Click > Import

Your newly imported menu will now display in your menu management screen (click on the menu button to view)

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