How to identify active menu items



The menu management system has a hover tool which allows you to view the associations between an item such as a product, and the rest of the menu.

In the two examples below, you can see the the first product "Cheesecake" has no default modifiers or modifier groups attached. You can also see that it does not belong to a category. A menu contains a number of categories, each with a set of products. Therefore, this cheesecake product is not contained in any menu.


The second example below, like the one above, shows the "Cheese Scone" product also has no default modifiers or modifier groups attached. However, the hover tool clearly shows that it is part of the "Sweet Treats" category. 



In the image below, we can see that the "Sweet Treats" category is a part of the Kounta menu. Therefore, the Cheese Scone product mentioned above will be displayed online.  






**Ignore the Prefixes in the naming of these products. This is a menu imported directly from a POS which assigns a version number to each item automatically.

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