Receive orders without a POS

No POS? No problem. 

Mobi2Go is all about building your brand & finding solutions. We’re passionate about empowering you & your brand, so you can spend your time focusing on your customers & growing your business instead of minor details like not having a POS system or the correct POS system.

Even if you do have a POS that we currently don't integrate with, this is also no problem. We can offer you a non-integrated solution to ensure you're still able to take online orders & support your customers. 



For more information about our solutions, please refer to our website.

The Options

There are 2 options available:

  • Orders for Windows - allows you to receive online orders via a PC (Windows OS) & prints out orders using a compatible printer
  • Mobi2Go Printer - allows you to receive and print online orders, connecting via the WiFi & your store's API key


If you would like to know what POS integrations we do have, please check out our Mobi2Go partners here. 

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