You don't need to rely on aggregators for digital ordering, so why should you for food delivery?

There are some great dedicated food delivery companies out there & one of those fantastic delivery services to solve your delivery dilemma is GetSwift.

GetSwift helps restaurants, cafes & other businesses by providing delivery management software for real-time delivery dispatching, managing & tracking.



In order to setup your store with the GetSwift delivery add-on with MOBI, you need to ensure you have an active GetSwift account.

Setup Get Swift in MOBI

  1. Go to the GetSwift website & sign up
  2. In GetSwift go to Navigate to the Integration page
  3. Generate an API Key (if one does not already exist)
  4. Copy the API Key & paste it somewhere safe for the moment (e.g. Notepad, Word doc etc.)
  5. Select the API Key Active checkbox
  6. Press Update and the bottom of the page to save the changes
  7. Send a ticket through to our Support team to request that the integration be setup & include the following:
  • Business Name & Location
  • Contact name and number
  • GetSwift API Key

You will receive confirmation once the integration is complete.



  • Account issues: Please ensure your GetSwift Account has credit to utilise the integration. Alternatively, check that your trial period has not expired if you are using a trial account.
  • Address validation: Ensure you are using the delivery mapping system so all customer addresses are validated.


For more information or help with your GetSwift product, please feel free to check out GetSwift's Help Centre. Otherwise if it's related to MOBI, check out our Help Centre or contact our Support team.

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