Swift (GetSwift)

In order to setup your store with the Swift delivery add-on, you need to ensure you have an active Swift account. 


Url: https://getswift.co/


The api key is retrieved from your Swift account.

  • Api Key

Setting up Swift

1) Go to: https://app.getswift.co/signup and sign up

2) Go to: https://app.getswift.co/Merchant/APISettings and grab the api key.

3) Send the API Key through to our Support Team and request for the integration to be setup. Please be sure to include your store / location name in the request.


Common Issues:

- Account issues. Please ensure your Swift Account has credit to utilise the integration. Alternatively, check that your trial period has not expired if you are using a trial account

- Address validation. Please ensure your are using the delivery mapping system so all customer addresses are validated. 

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