Worldpay (formerly Vantiv & Mercury)

Worldpay, Inc is a US-based credit card processor for businesses of all sizes, and can be easily integrated with Mobi2Go.

Formerly Mercury, Vantiv bought Mercury where Worldpay then bought Vantiv. However, we still integrate with Worldpay, Inc as other than the name, not much has changed with our integration.

Once you have completed the account setup process with a Worldpay representative you will be supplied with your Merchant IDPassword. With this information we need to createHostedCheckout Password.


Worldpay Setup

First, you will need to create a HostedCheckout Password.

  1. Log into your Worldpay admin portal here
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Under HostedCheckout Password Management, select the terminal for which you want to obtain a password and click Continue
  4. Select Generate Password & note down your password
  5. Finally, click Save to submit your changes.


Mobi2Go Setup

Next you will add this information to your Mobi2Go account.

  1. Log into your Mobi2Go store account
  2. From the Store Dashboard click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  3. On the Settings page, navigate to Payment settings
  4. Next to Payment settings click EDIT 
  5. You should be presented with the Payment Settings page
  6. From the Payment gateway dropdown box select Worldpay (formerly Vantiv, Mercury)
  7. Under Mercury Details, enter your Merchant Number as the Merchant ID. Insert your HostedCheckout Password in the password field
  8. Optional: Select to allow customers to save their credit card details if you require that functionality (this is disabled by default)
  9. Click SAVE to confirm the payment settings or click CANCEL to discard any changes made
  10. And you're done! Your Mobi2Go store is now ready to process credit card orders with Worldpay.

Pro Tip

We recommend that you send through a test order & payment to make sure everything is working. If you need assistance, please check out Worldpay's Help Page or feel free to contact our Support team.

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