Orders for iPad

What is Orders for iPad?

Orders for iPad lets you receive online orders via an iPad running iOS 9, making it easy to receive online orders without a point-of-sale system. The app lets you view and confirms orders on-screen in real-time. Orders for iPad also works in conjunction with other iPad based point-of-sale systems and receipt printers.



How do I get Orders for iPad?

if you would like to use Orders for iPad you can simply download the app from here  or just search iTunes store for Mobi2Go.


Let's log in and set things up!

To get things rolling open Orders from your iPad's home screen.You will be presented with a Login screen. Please put in your Mobi2Go account details and tap the Login button. If you are unsure what your account details are please contact Support

The first time you log in to Orders, you will be asked if you’d like to receive Push Notifications. These allow you to be notified when a new order comes in even if you aren’t currently using the app. We strongly recommend you enable these.

Orders will send you to the Settings screen to select which store(s) you wish to receive orders from, and set up a printer to use. When adding a printer Orders will search the local network for all compatible printers that we can send receipts to. You can select as many printers as you need.


The Main Screen

When you receive a new order they'll appear under the Active tab. From here you can view receipt details such as customer information, item quantities, modifiers and notes. Once an order is fulfilled, you simply tab the Complete button, sending it to the Completed tab.


All information normally found on printed receipts appears here. Customer and order details are shown including any notes, quantities and modifiers. Orders remain on-screen until you tap the Complete button, sending the order to the Completed tab allowing you to fulfill the next order.


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