Setting-Up & Configuring Stripe

The following instructions detail setting-up, activating and configuring a Stripe  account and covers the following topics:

  • Creating a Stripe account
  • Activating your Stripe account.
  • Obtaining Stripe Credentials
  • Setting up your Stripe account with Mobi2Go

Step One - Creating a Stripe account:

1. Sign up for a Stripe account by navigating to the following address:

2. Enter your e-mail address and create a strong password. This will then navigate you through to your account Dashboard.

Step Two - Activating your Stripe account:

1. Once you've logged in, you'll need to click on "Activate your account" in the top left corner.

2. Thus form will require you to enter your business type, address, and ABN along with your bank and personal details. Once completed click "activate account".

Step Three - Obtaining Stripe Credentials:

1. Login to your Stripe account. Under your account in the top right corner go to account settings.

2. A popover should show up, now click API Keys.

 3. Copy your Live Publishable Key & Live Secret Key from the Stripe console.

Step Four - Setting up Stripe in Mobi2Go:

1. Login to your Mobi2Go console, go to Settings and click the edit button next to Payment Settings.

2. Select Stripe from the drop down under credit card merchant.

3. Copy over your Live Publishable Key & Live Secret Key from your Stripe console.

4. Click save and you're ready to go.

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