PayFort is the Most Trusted Online Payment Gateway in the Middle East that helps you accept online payments and maximize your revenue

Setting up PayFort and Mobi2Go

Once your PayFort account has been setup we will need the following. This information is accessible from your PayFort admin portal under Merchant Manager > Security Settings.

  • Merchant Identifier
  • Access Code
  • SHA Request phrase (use sha256)
  • SHA Response phrase (use sha256)

Once you have these details we need to set up the integration in Mobi2Go

  1. Log into your Mobi2Go admin console by following this link 
  2. Navigate to your Settings page and then select to edit Payment Settings. You should be presented with the below page: 
  3. Select PayFortfrom the Payment Gateway dropdown box
  4. Enter your Merchant Identifier, Access Code, SHA Request and Response.
  5. Click Save to confirm the payment settings.

And you're done! Your Mobi2Go store is now ready to process credit card orders with PayFort.

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