How do I redirect my web address to my Mobi2Go storefront?

Having a great domain name that aligns with your brand is one way to make it super easy for your customers to remember & find you online. 

So what if you have a great name, but no website to go with it? 

Simple. If you already own a domain (good job) but there's no website, you can redirect that domain to your Mobi2Go one pager, which means that when a customer searches for or enters your web address, the Mobi2Go one pager will load.

One pager?

Yeah, Mobi2Go offers what we call a "one pager" which is a one-page website that has the menu & the ordering panel (also known as the storefront) along with all the information your customers need. It's a quick & easy way to get up & running as an online business.



To ensure you redirect your website correctly, first ensure that you have completed the following:

  • The Domain Name Registrar must set up a subdomain (e.g. www.<your website>)
  • Have the root domain (e.g. redirected to www.<your website> by the Domain Name Registrar
  • The Subdomain must be CNAMED to the store's Mobi2Go storefront URL (e.g. < your storefront link>. mobi2 )  which is handled by Domain Name Registrar.


You can only configure your Website settings from a Head Office level, not a Store level. If you are at a Store level & need to change the configuration, please contact your Company Administrator or contact our Support team. 

Setting up the Redirect

You will also need to update your web address details in your Mobi2Go Website settings page.

  1. In Mobi2Go, click WEBSITE from the grey navigational pane
  2. In Website, navigate to Domain settings
  3. From Domain Settings click EDIT
  4. In Website Settings locate the One pager domain
  5. In the One pager Domain field, add in the subdomain (e.g. <>)
  6. Once completed, click SAVE to submit the changes
  7. Click CANCEL if you would like to disregard the changes made

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