How to set up a one-pager / redirect your web address to your Mobi2Go storefront

If you already have a web address but you don't have anything on it.  You may wish to redirect your Mobi2Go storefront order page to your personal address.  This means that when customers search your website, your Mobi2Go storefront will be visible.  Please see some instructions on how to do this below.

1) The Domain Name Registrar must set up a subdomain eg. www.(your site)

2) Have the root domain eg. redirected towww.(your site) by the Domain Name Registrar

3) Subdomain must be CNAMED to the store's Mobi2Go storefront URL i.e. '(your storefront link)' (handled by Domain Name Registrar)

You will also need to update your web details in your Mobi2Go 'website' admin page.  For example:

Website > Domain Settings > Edit

If you are unsure about any of the above, please email your onboarding specialist.

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