Setting up Google Analytics

Data analytics is a game-changer. It is fast becoming the gold standard for cafes, bars & restaurants - both single-stores & large chains who use it to improve processes, marketing strategies & find ways to grow their customer base to inevitably get a bigger piece of the proverbial pie. 

Google Analytics is one of the best ways for an online business to get some skin in the game & start to track customer events behaviours. The more important step & the key to success is understandinginterpreting the data into an action plan to ensure you are meeting your customer's expectations. By jumping on the analytics train, you're starting the journey to find that competitive edge.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service by Google that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google (Gmail) account - also free.

Mobi2Go’s Google Analytics Integration

Mobi2Go now integrates directly with Google Analytics so you can gain key insights into how your customers are using your website when they order online. This means you can find out how your menu items are performing, track your sales and view crucial shopping behaviour like where customers are dropping off in the check-out process.

  • And the great news is that you have the power to set this up yourself!


If you need additional help to enable this feature for your business, you can contact our Support team with the Tracking ID of the Google Analytics web property (a string similar to 'UA-XXXXX-Y'.)

How to set it up

If you’re not a tech person, don’t freak out! It’s super easy to set up the Google Analytics integration & we’ll take you through it step by step, because we’re nice like that.

The only pre-requisites you will need are:

  • A website for your business
  • A Google account
  • An online ordering account

Pro Tip

Don’t have a website or online ordering yet? Good thing we're here because Mobi2Go can set you up with a one-page website for free, and you can start your free trial for online ordering here too.

Setting it up in Google

  1. Sign in to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, it’s easy as pie to create one. Just type or search 
  2. Create a Google Analytics account by going here & signing in with your Google account
  3. In Google Analytics, go to the Admin toolbar of your Google account & enter in: your account name (store or business name), website name, URL and complete the other fields
  4. Once you’ve created your Google Analytics account, hit the button to create the Tracking ID

Setting it up in Mobi2Go

  1. From the Head Office overview page, click on SETTINGS in the grey navigational pane 
  2. Under Head Office Settings, locate the General Settings heading. To the right-hand side, click EDIT
  3. This will take you to the General Settings page. Scroll down & locate Analytics Scripts
  4. Under Analytics Scripts identify the relevant provider (e.g. Google) & ID field (e.g. Web property ID)
  5. Paste in your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the Google Analytics Web Property ID field 
  6. At the bottom of the page, click SAVE to submit changes
  7. If you would like to disregard any changes made, click CANCEL
  8. The Google Analytics Tracking ID will now be linked to your storefront, within the database.

Pro Tip

If the video is blurry when maximised, please click on the cog icon & then click on 720p or 1080p to change the resolution from Auto to 720p/1080p. Give it a few seconds & the video will clear up. 


There is validation to ensure that users (for example) do not try & enter their Google Tag Manager ID as their Google Analytics Web Property ID. If the ID entered is incorrect, please check where the ID is coming from & ensure it matches the field you are entering it into.

Enhancing your Data

  • For a more in-depth look, enable Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics to get the most out of your data
  • Once this is enabled, it's time to get to know your customers! In Google Analytics scroll down on the left hand side toolbar to Conversions – Ecommerce
  • From the Ecommerce panel you can view online sales information.

For example: You can view how much revenue has been generated from Ecommerce sales. You can also view conversion rates, the average order value per online transaction as well as where customers are dropping off, when trying to place an order.


Example Scenario

The example store below has Enhanced Ecommerce enabled within Google Analytics.

The graph (Shopping Behaviour) shows:

  • Out of 9,066 sessions, 40% made it all the way through to a transaction.
  • The highest abandonment rate occurs during the product view stage (at 33%), but if customers have added a product to their cart, that drops down to 25%, and way down to 7.5% once they have made it to the check out phase.
  • It also breaks down shopping behaviour between new visitors and returning visitors, which can give you insights into who you should concentrate on attracting with your sales and marketing campaigns.
  • In this case, new visitors have a higher overall transaction completion rate than returning visitors, and there are also significantly more of them than returning visitors (7406 sessions vs 1660 sessions).

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