Connection details required for Lightspeed

To find your POS connection settings within your Mobi2Go admin screens, you will need to navigate to your > settings menu > Incoming Orders > Edit

Select LightSpeed


Please find below what you will need to establish a connection to your LightSpeed POS system.

  • Correct server location (if the location is not in the drop-down menu, please email
  • Company ID
  • The email address used to log into Lightspeed's iPad app.

IMPORTANT: It is important to note that web orders will currently not print automatically through your LightSpeed setup.  Mobi2Go is able to connect to your POS and import your menu.  Now, online orders will send through to your POS.  You can view information about the LightSpeed set up here

If you have any further queries, please contact


Email template to your LightSpeed contact:

"Are you able to please email me through the following connection details for *****:
  • Company ID
  • Server Region"


Once the details are received, you will need to add them to your connection details:


Then click the "check connection" button to test.  You should see a connection established window appear if the details are correct.



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