Ensuring your website is secure

In order to have your Mobi2Go storefront embedded into your website it must be secured by an SSL certificate.

As your business will be selling products, including taking credit card payments on your website (via the storefront) you most definitely need SSL in place to encrypt & keep your customers’ information secure.


What is SSL?

"SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remain private."

- via SSL.com

Google has taken the stance that ALL data submitted on your website should be secured with an SSL. You can easily find whether your website has an SSL certificate by whether the URL of the site starts with HTTP or HTTPS. If it’s loaded in your browser with HTTPS at the start, then you have an SSL on your website.

🎪 Fun Fact: the extra S stands for secure.

Over the last couple years, the world wide web has slowly inched closer to a fully encrypted browsing experience with SSL. According to Mozilla, over half of websites on the web utilise an SSL certificate to encrypt their traffic. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you’ve probably noticed the “Not Secure” label in the address bar.

Pro Tip

According to recent HubSpot Research, up to 85% of people will not continue browsing if a site is not secure!

How do I get an SSL? 

  1. Contact your website designer or developer and ask them to purchase and install an SSL certificate. If you look after your web hosting yourself, your web host will be able to help out
  2. SSL certificates cost approximately $100 USD annually and are a separate charge to the cost to host your website
  3. Ensure your website is always served over https by setting up a redirect. Your website developer will know how to do this, or there will be a setting with your host
  4. Depending on how your website is made it could be a very simple change to an .htaccess file
  5. Once set up, customers will see a "Secure" lock to the left of the address bar, and they will confidently place their orders


What if I don't do this?

If your website is not secure you won't be able to embed your Mobi2Go storefront. Additionally, if your SSL certificate expires, online payments may no longer work. As a fallback, customers may then be redirected to your secure mobi2go.com subdomain.

If your website designer has spent a long time on your embedded Mobi2Go storefront, your mobi2go.com subdomain may not look and feel as good.

To ensure you know what that will look like for customers, you can preview this via Website in the Mobi2Go admin portal.

  1. Login to Mobi2Go at a Head Office level & click WEBSITE from the grey navigational pane
  2. In Website navigate to Domain settings on the page
  3. Under Domain settings click on the Store Url (e.g. demostore.mobi2go.com)
  4. This will load the storefront & will provide a preview of the site security


If you are uncertain about your site security or if you need more assistance with SSL please contact our Support team.

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