What is Lavu?

Lavu is an iPad based Point of Sale system that features an intuitive interface which allows for daily tasks and customer interactions to be performed in as few steps as possible. Lavu enables you to effectively manage your restaurant with employee management features, customized reporting, and live sales figures.

This help article assumes your starting point is Mobi2Go and that you already have a Lavu account. You can sign-up to a free trial at

Setting up Lavu with Mobi2Go

Step One - Connecting your Lavu account

To begin you will need to gather some Lavu information to enable the integration. Please login into your account via and navigate to Settings under Printer/Technical and click on API. From here you should be able to get the following:

  • data_name
  • key
  • token
  • server
  • server_id

Now log into your Mobi2Go account and access the Lavu POS settings under Settings > Receiving orders. Set the POS System to Lavu and fill out the fields with the information you found previously.


Click the Save button at the bottom right of the page, then click Check Connection to test. You should receive 

Step Two - Importing your Lavu Menu

Go to the Menu tab and select Go to Menu Importer. Select POS System from the dropdown box on the top right, select your store from the Select Location dropdown and click the Import From POS button 



All the items present in your POS will be imported and displayed as either a Category, Product, Modifier Group or Modifier.

You can scroll through the list and deselect an items you don't require. Once you're done you need to select Import. Once everything has been imported you will receive a Success message letting you know everything has been imported.


Receiving Orders - Notifications

Once you have connected Mobi2Go to your Lavu account and loaded your menu, you will be able to send orders directly to our POS. However, you will need to purchase a Mobi2Go Printer if you wish to have the orders print in-store. More info on our printers can be found on our website.



Receiving orders in Lavu

To review and accept the Mobi2Go order from the main Lavu screen you need to open Extra from the top right of the screen and select Open Orders > All Open Orders


You should now see all waiting Mobi2Go orders. You can view all items in a particular order, the customer's information and also if they have paid or not. To open an order make sure it is highlighted then select the Notepad icon in the top right.


You can now review the order further and change it if needed. Once you're ready to close out the order select Check Out. You will be taken to the register screen where you can receive the payment for the order.



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