Setting up your Square connection in Mobi2Go


** Please, note, this integration is not available for New Zealand based clients but for US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom only because the Square Payments are not available in New Zealand.

The integration becomes available for our New Zealand clients, once the Square Payments starts to operate in NZ**


**Please also note that receiving online orders into Square POS is only available via iOS, not Android.**



Step One - Connecting your Square account

Go to your Store Settings Page. Click the Edit button next to the Incoming Orders header.

Now select Square from the drop down.


Step Two - Authorizing Square with Mobi2Go

Click the Authorize Mobi2Go with Square button.





Now you will be redirect to Square and asked to log in (if you are not logged into Square already, otherwise a connection will automatically be established).



You will now be redirected back to Mobi2Go.

Step Three - Check the Connection

Now that all the settings are correct you can check the connection with Square by clicking the Check Connection button.


And you're done!


Importing your Menu from Square

Importing your menu from Square is a simple process.

Step One - Go to the Menu Importer

Go to the Menu Page and click the Go to Menu Importer link at the top.

Now select POS System from the drop down.

Step Two - Import the Menu

Select your store from the Select Location drop down and click the Import from POS button (This might take a little while).



Once the menu is imported you will be redirected to the Menu Management page.

Note: If you are having trouble loading your menu you can contact support@mobi2go.com at anytime for guidance.

Setting the Menu for your Store

Go to your store settings page. Click the Edit button next to the General Settings header.

Now select your menu from the Menu drop down.


Click save.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION! - Receiving Orders in Square

Viewing orders in Square:

Orders will appear in the section below once it has been confirmed:




You will need to ensure that each item available for online ordering has been marked as being 'available for pickup'



Completed order can be accessed in the 'Transactions' tab:




Printing orders in Square:

Remote orders need to be set to print automatically:



Examples of online ordering dockets below:




Please, note, that due to the integration nature you won't be able to process orders equal to $0 or with 100% discount. 





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