Setting up your Square connection in Mobi2Go

Step One - Connecting your Square account

Go to your Store Settings Page. Click the Edit button next to the Incoming Orders header.

Now select Square from the drop down.


Step Two - Authorizing Square with Mobi2Go

Click the Authorize Mobi2Go with Square button.





Now you will be redirect to Square and asked to log in (if you are not logged into Square already, otherwise a connection will automatically be established).



You will now be redirected back to Mobi2Go.

Step Three - Check the Connection

Now that all the settings are correct you can check the connection with Square by clicking the Check Connection button.


And you're done!


Importing your Menu from Square

Importing your menu from Square is a simple process.

Step One - Go to the Menu Importer

Go to the Menu Page and click the Go to Menu Importer link at the top.

Now select POS System from the drop down.

Step Two - Import the Menu

Select your store from the Select Location drop down and click the Import from POS button (This might take a little while).



Once the menu is imported you will be redirected to the Menu Management page.

Note: If you are having trouble loading your menu you can contact support@mobi2go.com at anytime for guidance.

Setting the Menu for your Store

Go to your store settings page. Click the Edit button next to the General Settings header.

Now select your menu from the Menu drop down.


Click save.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION! - Receiving Orders in Square

The integration with Square does not support notifications so a Mobi2Go Printer will need to be purchased if you would like to have sound alerts and dockets print when an online order is placed.

You can find more info on the Mobi2Go Printer using the following link on our website:



To see how much the printer will cost, visit our pricing page below:




Once you have purchased the printer, we will send it through to you ASAP. Please note that shipping usually takes anywhere from 7 - 14 working days.


When the printer arrives, ensure that it has been setup as your backup method to work alongside Square. Place some test orders to ensure everything is working correctly and then you're ready to start taking orders from real customers!


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