Square Payments


Square can now be integrated into your Mobi2Go Online Ordering to accept Online Payments. They offer competitive pricing and make things quick and easy to Sign-Up. If you already have an existing Square account then you'll need to ensure you have an active bank account by logging into your Square Portal. Further information can also be found on their website.

Setting-Up & Configuring Square Payments

1) Login to your Mobi2Go Console.


2) Select your store from the Overview page, Settings in the top right, then Edit next to Payment Settings.


3) From the drop down under Online Payments, select Square.


4) Once selected, click Authorise Mobi2Go with Square on the right.


5) You will be prompted to enter your Square login details. Then click Sign-In.


6) Once accepted, you'll be automatically directed back to your Mobi2Go Console. From the drop down, choose weather your customers will be allowed to save their payment information and then click save.


7) Ensure to place a real payment and then you're ready to go!




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