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Disbursements are the payments from customers that are deposited into your linked Mobi2Go Payments account. In other words, we transfer you the money that a customer has paid us - the online platform.

Where can I see my Disbursements?

Disbursement Reports can be found in your Payment settings, at an individual Store level.

  1. Log in to your Mobi2Go console
  2. From your Store Dashboard, click SETTINGS in the grey navigational pane
  3. On the Settings page, locate Payment Settings
  4. Next to Payment Settings, click EDIT
  5. To the right-hand side, under Mobi2Go Payments Details click Disbursement Reports
  6. In Payment Events you will see a table with 4 sortable columns outlining Status, Disbursements & Invoices name/reference, Amount & Date of payment
  7. The Payment Events page will display every Disbursement ever made, so if you need to find a specific transaction, sort by Date & locate the date you need to pinpoint

How do I see what makes up the Disbursement amount? 

A Disbursement may be one single transaction or the combined sum of multiple transactions (e.g. all of the transactions for one day). You can see a detailed view, right down to the order level. 

  1. To see the breakdown of the Disbursement, on the Payment Events page click on one of the rows in the table
  2. This will take you to a detailed page view called Payment Transactions
  3. In Payment Transactions you will see a table with 7 sortable columns outlining Status, Mobi2Go Order ID, Date of payment, Gross amount, Mobi2Go Payment Fees, Disbursement reference ID & Invoice ID (if applicable) 
  4. At the top of the page, a search bar will automatically populate the Disbursement reference ID, since you clicked the row to see a breakdown of a specific Disbursement 
  5. Click x to the right-hand side to see all Payment Transactions ever made via Mobi2Go Payments 
  6. You can also enter in a new Disbursement reference ID to find a different batch of Disbursements 
  7. Click on the header to sort by any of the columns (e.g. Gross total)
  8. To see a copy of the order receipt, click on the number in the column ORDER (e.g. 33112233)
  9. At the bottom of the page, will be the number of transactions & the total amount (e.g. Showing results 1 to 6 of 6, totalling A$346.65 gross, and A$7.16 in fees)
  10. At the bottom of the page (to the right-hand side) you can also export the Payment Transactions list to a CSV file
  11. Click EXPORT TO CSV (next to the results per page) where a CSV file will automatically start to download.


Where do I find Disbursements on my bank statement?

On your bank statement you will see Disbursements with a statement descriptor of Stripe Payments (Stripe are our partner powering Mobi2Go Payments.)

Depending on your bank, the transaction reference will be either M2G <location_id> x<gross> or M2G<location_id>x<gross>, i.e. with or without spaces. You can set up rules in your accounting system to reconcile against the gross value for each location, and you can see the Disbursement details in the Mobi2Go admin at the following links:<location_id>/payments.

For example: If your reference was M2G1234x5678, then your disbursement reports would be at the link

Disbursements for Apple Pay transactions (if enabled) will also be displayed in the same manner.

When do Disbursements run?

By default Mobi2Go Payments Disbursements will be in ASAP mode, but we do have an option to switch your account to Weekly mode.

  • ASAP mode - means that as soon as payments become available we will disburse them to your account. This can be every calendar day or every business day, it depends how quickly banks make the funds available. Generally we say on average, it will be 1-2 business days. 
  • Weekly mode - means that we wait for all payments within a given week (Monday–Sunday, or whatever you choose) to be available & then those payments are disbursed together. This can make it easier for reconciliation. To switch to weekly Disbursements please contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support team.

What do the different Disbursement statuses mean? 

There are 4 different statuses that can appear within Payment Transactions of your Disbursements report. 

  • Payment: credit card icon
  • Refund: undo icon
  • Chargeback: exclamation mark
  • Chargeback won: check/tick
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