Stock management


To manage the stock in your Store navigate to the Stock menu in your Mobi2Go Store Console.




Click on the product you would like to set out of stock in your store.



Click on the Sold Out tab to set the time for the product



Choose 'Tomorrow' and then click OK option if you know this product will be back in stock tomorrow. The system will automatically return the product to stock at midnight.




Choose time picker and set the exact date for the product to be returned to stock if you know the date. The system will automatically return the product to stock at the midnight on a chosen date.


The System will  show the time light the item is not available for



Choose 'Indefinitely' if you are not sure when this product will be back in stock.

Please note, that you will need manually set this product to 'Available' once it is back to stock



Out of stock products will be semi-transparent on your storefront. The text 'Sold out' will also be displayed and replace 'Add to Order'.



To manually return product to stock and make it available for your online customers, just simply click on 'Available' option and then 'OK' to select the tick box


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