Storefront testing

At MOBI we are continuously looking for ways to improve our products so we can offer industry leading services to our customers. As a result, we frequently test and gather data to find ways we can help you better serve your guests. 

One of our main areas of focus is the MOBI Storefront experience. The MOBI Storefront is at the core of our products, as it contributes to all stages of the guest journey. Our team continues to run tests and upgrades to ensure we can offer our customers a best-in-class product. 

Any testing of our platform is done with the intent to drive value for our customers and positively shift key metrics such as increasing sales, increasing average order value, increasing conversion rates, and decreasing friction of the user experience.

Testing the storefront usually involves minor tweaks to the user interface, meaning MOBI customers may notice some of their guests have a very slightly different storefront experience to others. These tests allow us to gather data and insights, so we can find the best ways to provide value through future versions of the platform. 

In the event we make significant upgrades or changes to our storefront platform, we will always notify customers first. Your feedback is extremely important to us. Please reach out to our Support team here if you have any issues or ideas as to how we can better serve you in the future.


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