Promo Banners

Promo banners are a powerful tool for integrating your marketing campaigns with the storefront, quickly guiding your customers to add promotional vouchers or directing them to new products or categories.

The banners are added via the MOBI admin. You need to add two banners for each promo campaign, one for the desktop view and one for the mobile view.

See below for How to set up your banners, including required dimensions.


Banner Actions

There are 4 Actions that can be set up to interact with your digital menu.
These are:

  • Open Product
  • Add Product to Cart
  • Add Voucher
  • Go to Category

Open Product

These banners show a particular product and links straight to the product editor view.

Banners Flow-Open Product.png

This is great for promotions pushing a particular menu item or combo.


Add Product to Cart

Use these banners so customers can quickly add a product to their order.
This Action is best used for simple products that don't require modifier choices, drinks for example.

Banners Flow-Add Product.png

Note: If the linked product has any required modifiers it will open the Product Editor view, basically the same Action as Open Product.


Add Voucher

Combine your banner with a voucher code to remove the need for your customers to manually enter  the code. They can simply click the banner to add the code directly to their order.

Shown below is the voucher code being applied to the order and how it appears on the Order screen:

Banners Flow-Add Voucher.png

Note: For the Add voucher Action you need to set up the Voucher Codes first in your Vouchers admin.
/headoffice/[your HO ID]/settings/vouchers


Go to Category

Use these banners to push a particular category. When the banner is clicked the menu scrolls to the linked category.

Banners Flow-Go to Category.png


Banners Carousel

It's possible to can add more than one banner at a time. When you add additional banners, the carousel will be automatically activated.

Shown below is the carousel navigation indicating four banners:

Banners-Single vs Carousel.png


How to set up your banners

To set up a new banner or edit an existing one, head to:
/headoffice/[your HO ID]/settings/banners

To add a new banner press the button indicated in red:


Here you can upload your desktop and mobile banners:
Make sure you stick to the correct dimensions!



In order to get the best experience for your customers make sure you stick to the following dimensions:

Desktop: 2400 x 600px 
Mobile: 1080 x 600px

You can download our Promo Banner Dimensions PDF to share with your marketing or design people at the bottom of this support article.

Banners Dimensions.png

Note: If you add banners that do not follow these dimensions our system will automatically size them to fit the space, however this could result in gaps appearing around the banners and break the layout.


Name and Action

Choose a name for your Promo campaign. This is for your reference only, and is not used or shown anywhere other than in admin.

If you choose to add an Action, select from the dropdown list. The example below shows "Add voucher" is selected, and the chosen voucher code will be added to the order when the banner is clicked:


Note: For the Add voucher Action you need to set up the Voucher Codes first in your Vouchers admin:
/headoffice/[your HO ID]/settings/vouchers



By default your banner will show on the storefront as soon as you save the campaign.

You can also choose to schedule your banners for a specific time, allowing you to run timed campaigns and set up future campaigns in advance.




By default this banner will be displayed on every location, so there is no need to change this setting. 

But if you'd like to run specific campaigns per location, you can select which locations the banner should show for.


Note: If you set locations manually, the banners won't show up on the storefront until your user selects a location via the storefront.



If your storefront supports customers in multiple languages, you can add additional banners in your customers language. If you only use one language then there is no need to make changes here.



Banner Dimensions Download

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