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The MOBI website support area provides training and allows support tickets to be raised. Information on our most frequently asked questions can be found in this section.

General Support

General support can be received by completing the relevant form here.

The Support team will then assess the work required and aim to implement simple changes on the same day. Some requests may require further investigation or require escalation to our Development team to provide a detailed analysis. 


Please see examples below.



Approximate time frame

Additional information


  • Information request 
  • Basic account modification
  • Basic copy change
  • PLU updates
  • Fixes to known configuration issues

24 hours*

Low complexity requests are generally technical requests that can be achieved in the admin area of the platform.


  • Complex issues that do not require a code deployment

One week*

As new products can require reviews, changes to client configuration and testing - one week is the suggested minimum time required.


  • A complex bug that requires deployment
  • Menu updates (prices changes, removing/adding new items, add new promotions)
  • Adding a new menu

Two weeks or more*

The timeline will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

New menus can take several days to configure and require reviews that may result in significant updates to POS systems and menus.


  • Storefront outage


An incident team will be assembled and work to investigate and resolve issues as soon as possible.

You can check if there is a known outage on the MOBI status report page.

*The support team will provide accurate time frames after assessing the request.

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