Enabling Group Dispatch

Enable Group Dispatch from your MOBI “In-store settings”. You will need to set your group dispatch interval time and press ‘save’. You can enable, disable and update your dispatch interval at any time. 



Which interval time should I choose?

Optimal interval times will vary by location. Stores should consider how busy they are at peak times, and set their timings accordingly. For example, locations with higher traffic at peak hours will likely find a longer interval is better suited. 

Our data suggests that an interval of at least 3 minutes is where customers will begin to see benefits, including a potential 20% reduction in printed dockets.*

If you’re feeling unsure where to start with setting your timings, reach out to support@mobihq.com for specific insights from brands similar to yours.

*Data based on historical table orders for select customers between 1/12/2021 and 31/01/2022. Please note this may vary for different brands and locations.

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