Getting started with Group Dispatch

Group Dispatch streamlines orders and improves operational efficiency at busy times when guests are using table ordering.

Rather than having orders sent to your point of sale as they are placed, orders from the same table placed within X minutes of each other are batched and sent at the same time, improving the operational flow in the kitchen and ensuring guests can eat together. 

What problems does it solve?

  • Guests receiving orders at different times due individual orders being sent separately
  • The environmental impact of printing multiple dockets for a single table’s orders
  • Staff limitations leading to delays in order preparation and delivery

The benefits

Improved kitchen operations: receiving orders in batches removes the added effort required when guests at the same table place their orders within minutes of each other. Kitchen staff will be able to prep and deliver table orders more efficiently.

Improved waitstaff efficiency: waitstaff will have to make fewer trips to guest tables with their orders being prepared in batches.

Guest satisfaction: greater likelihood their orders will be delivered at the same time as the rest of their table, and they’ll continue to receive the same timely service they know and love when visiting dine-in locations.

Cost savings: by reducing the number of dockets being printed on a daily basis.

How it works

  • Stores set their chosen timeframe for batched orders in their MOBI storefront (ie. 3 minutes)
  • Guests will be seated and start reviewing your menu online by scanning the Table Ordering QR code
  • When the set timeframe has ended, the kitchen will receive all orders for a single table, all on a single docket. 
    • Note: guests will not be made aware of the set timeframe for batched orders, the guest experience remains unchanged.
  • To the kitchen it will look as though the items were all on one order, but the presence of the group ID and the list of all the Order IDs will show that it was a group dispatch.


Customers already using MOBI Table Ordering will be able to turn on Group Dispatch.*

*Group Dispatch should work on all point of sale systems, however some conditions may apply.

How to get started

Group Dispatch is currently in Beta phase with select customers. If you are interested in trialing this feature or learning more, please reach out to our MOBI Support team today at

FAQ & Troubleshooting

If you require assistance with group dispatch, check out the following articles or contact for more information.

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