Service Fee FAQ

Why is MOBI implementing this new fee?

To keep prices affordable for our customers, MOBI has decided to implement a small service fee to cover the costs of processing payments, maintaining and improving our online platform, and supporting further technology developments. 

Service fees and convenience fees are widely applied by  digital ordering platforms and are understood and  accepted by consumers when it comes to placing orders online.


Who collects the service fee? 

MOBI collects the service fee directly from your guests. It’s important to note this is a  mandatory fee that cannot be waived by our customers. The service fee will be clearly displayed in your guest’s cart, during checkout and it will also appear on the guest's digital invoice. 

MOBI will also clearly label the service fee as a fee that helps offset the costs of maintaining and improving our online platform. It will be clear that the fee is not a charge that you are making.

Clear labeling of the fee being charged by MOBI will increase transparency for customers and ensure they understand what the fee is for.


When does the fee come into effect?

The service fee will take effect from March 13th 2023.


How is the service fee priced?

The service fee is a percentage of the total order value and varies based on factors like basket size, with a minimum charge of $0.10 and a maximum charge of $3 per order. The fee is clearly displayed during the checkout process. 

The fee is capped at a maximum of $3 to ensure guests are not charged excessively for large orders. Our fee structure is designed as a seamless and cost-effective solution at a rate that is  significantly lower than the  service fees charged by other ordering platforms. 


How will the service fee appear in the shopping cart?

It’s important that we make the service fee as clear as possible for guests, so we have broken out the service fee component and sales tax.  Below is an example of what a guests shopping cart will look like:

Guests can click the information icon to find out more about what the Service Fee is, here we clearly state that the platform fee is being charged by MOBI HQ:


Will customers be charged the fee on all MOBI products?

The fee will be applied to all MOBI delivery and pick-up channels. It will not be applied on any in-store orders (table ordering, STQ, Kiosks) or middleware marketplace aggregator orders orders (ie. UberEats, DoorDash, etc).


We already have a service fee which is where we on-charge the payment processing. This is a conflict and confusing to the customer. 

We understand that some brands have a fee or surcharge that’s included in the basket for payment processing.  If you on-charge a guest for payment processing for example, your guests will see a breakdown of charges as follows:

•Order amount

•Payment processing fee

•Service fee


It is commonplace that guests will see fees broken out on an order receipt, it provides transparency for the guests as well in regards to what the fees relate to.

In the cart there will be an information icon that clearly provides information to the guest on what this charge is.  In the instance of the service fee, it will clearly state that the fee is being charged by MOBI and not by the brand.


My guest wants a refund on their order, will they be refunded the fee? 

Yes, the guest will be refunded the service fee and included in the full refund amount back to you.


What if I don’t want this fee charged to my customers?

Unfortunately, this is a mandatory fee we are implementing for guests who order through our MOBI platform. This decision has been backed by market research, and we are confident it will have minimal impact on your conversion rates and guest satisfaction. 


A customer has asked why their in-store receipt is different to the one they received online (i.e the receipt stapled to the bag on delivery / pick up).

We acknowledge there will be a mismatch between the receipt produced by MOBI and that produced by the POS, because we do not send the service fee to the POS. This is standard practice in the market, and you will find this occurs for delivery companies where the digital receipt you get by email is not the same as the paper receipt you get from the restaurant in your food bag. Guests that require a tax receipt must use the MOBI receipt that includes all fees paid.

Here's an example of a receipt a guest would receive. The customer paid $29.12 in total for their order, including the $1.12 service fee. The GST portion of the service fee ($0.10) can be "claimed" against MOBI HQ LTD's tax number at the bottom of the invoice (blue box). The GST on the order ($2.55) should be claimed against the restaurant's tax number (purple box).

If the guest does not receive the receipt for some reason, you are able to request that MOBI provides it for you (we will need an order ID, or some names and dates for the order). Though it will be faster for you to retrieve the receipt from MOBI Admin in the Sales page. Click on the receipt icon, and when that opens, you can copy the receipt image to the guest.


My customer hasn't received their MOBI receipt, they want it for claiming expenses.

If your guest for a particular reason has not received the receipt, you can retrieve the receipt from MOBI Admin in the Sales page. Click on the receipt icon, and when that opens, you can copy the receipt image to the guest. 




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