Import a menu (no POS)


Export your existing menu to a CSV from your existing POS or enter your menu into a CSV format if you don't use a POS system. Once it's in a spreadsheet, you can upload it into Mobi2Go and start to finalise your menu.

You can import

in bulk quickly & easily using the menu import function.



Menus are setup at a Head Office level. To Import a Menu you will need to do so via Head Office level, as menu changes can only be completed at the Head Office level. If you are at a Store location & need a Menu Import, please contact your Company Administrator or feel free to contact our Support team.


There are two main reasons you will need to import your menu into Mobi2Go.

  1. Initial menu load - when you first create & set up your store
  2. Menu changes/updates - Changes in the POS menu will then need to be updated to your online menu

There are several ways to import a menu in Mobi2Go, depending on your store configuration.

  • POS - If you have an existing menu in your POS, you can import the menu via POS Import
  • CSV file - see below for details

Pro Tip

Ensuring your menu is up to date & matches in both POS & Mobi2Go, is key to ensuring the success rate of your orders remains at a high level. Having mismatched PLUs, pricing or item availability in POS vs. Mobi2Go, are some of the main reasons why orders fail which results in a bad customer experience.


Create/prepare menu items 

Items can be imported from almost any format - XLS, PDF, CSV, HTML etc.  The quickest way to get up and running is to create a spreadsheet in Excel, Google Sheets etc. with four columns as shown below.

The 4 minimum values for any Menu Import are:

  • Name - name of the product, modifier, category etc.
  • Description - description of the product, modifier, category etc.
  • Price - the sell price of the product or modifier
  • PLU - the product lookup number that should match what is in POS

  • You can download a copy of the above example from the bottom of this article.  Using a spreadsheet editor like Excel allows you to organise & edit your items before importing.


If you are using a different format (e.g. PDF) you can refer to the Advanced Options section below to format your data correctly.

Quick Import

  1. From the Head Office Dashboard click MENU from the grey navigational pane
  2. In the Menu Editor, locate & click on the Go to Menu Importer hyperlink (to the right-hand side)
  3. This will take you to the Menu Importer page
  4. To the right of the heading Source, click on the drop-down menu that says JSON/CSV to reveal other import options (e.g. POS)
  5. Select JSON/CSV from the drop-down
  6. Open your spreadsheet (if you haven't already), select all of the data in the spreadsheet & copy
  7. In the Source field, paste (right-click & select Paste) to insert your data into the Editor
  8. Once the data has been pasted into the Editor, if no results have appeared below click anywhere on the page to refresh & load the results
  9. The results should display below & should be split into columns & rows, much like a spreadsheet
  10. At this point you can manually un-flag items you do not want to import for your online ordering menu (e.g. If you had a header Name, Description etc. you can remove this by unflagging the row)
  11. Once you're happy with the list, click the IMPORT button at the bottom of the page to submit the changes. (Depending on the number of items this may take awhile.)
  12. Once the menu has finished importing, a message will display providing a summary of what was imported & how many of those items were imported. Success!

Pro Tip

By default items will be added as Products to your menu, however, using the drop down identified as (2) in the below image you can also import Modifiers, Categories and Modifier Groups.

Advanced Options

If you have sources other than CSV (e.g. PDF) then you can spend some time manipulating the data in the Source field & the mapping the data to the correct format & fields, prior to importing. 

  1. Source field - By default, the Menu Importer is setup to accept data pasted into the field from an Excel spreadsheet. With a little 'tweaking' it can be configured to accept data in almost any format, including, manually typing items into the Source field.
  2. Import type - Defines the items you are importing - Categories, Products, Modifier Groups or Modifiers.
  3. Column quantity - Defines how many columns your data has.  This is useful if you add a selection of data to (1) that has columns you wish to ignore when importing.
  4. Column separation - Defines how your columns are separated / delimited  - Tab (default), Comma (,), Dash (-), Space.
  5. Field mapping - Defines the fields required by Mobi2Go that match the columns in your data i.e Name, Description, Price, PLU.  This is useful if you have multiple columns of data and you need to ignore some.
  6. Row separation - Define how your rows are separated / delimited  - Line Break (default), Tab, Comma (,), Space.

What's Next?

  • Once imported, you will need to manually create the relationships between your Menu, Categories, Products, Modifier Groups and Modifiers
  • After you have linked up your menu items to each other, you can Set your Menu for your Store

Set the Menu for your Store

  1. Log into your Mobi2Go store account
  2. From the Store Dashboard click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  3. On the Settings page locate General settings
  4. Next to the General settings heading, click EDIT 
  5. In General Settings under the Store information heading, locate Menus 
  6. Select/highlight the correct menu(s) that you would like to use
  7. At the bottom of the page, click SAVE to submit your changes
  8. To disregard any changes made, click CANCEL 



If the video is blurry when maximised, please click on the cog icon & then click on 720p or 1080p to change the resolution from Auto to 720p/1080p. Give it a few seconds & the video will clear up. 

Pro Tip

To select multiple menus (e.g. Lunch menu & Dinner menu) hold CTRL for Windows (CMD for Mac) & click the other menu(s) that you would like to make active. Multiple menus will be highlighted. Click SAVE to submit the changes, making multiple menus active on your storefront.

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