Import a menu (no POS)

You can import Categories, Products, Modifier Groups and Modifiers in bulk quickly and easily using the menu import function.

Step One - Manually Creating Items

Items can be imported from almost any format - XLS, PDF, CSV, HTML etc.  The quickest way to get up and running is to create a spreadsheet in Excel with four columns as shown below.

You can download a copy of the above XLS from the bottom of this article.  Using Excel allows you to organise and edit your items before importing.

Note - If you are using a different format you can refer to the 'Advanced' options in Step Two below to format your data correctly.

Step Two - Editing Items to Import - Quick Start

To begin the process of importing your items navigate to the 'Menu' option in your Mobi2Go Console and select the on the right-hand side of the page.

To add your items you simply need to copy the required data and paste into the the source section shown as (1) in the image below.

Your items should now be displaying as shown in the below image.  

Note -
if you had a header column in your data you can delete this using the (x) at the end of the item row.  This is also useful for deleting any items you no longer want to import.

By default items will be added as Products to your menu, however, using the drop down identified as (2) in the above image you can also import Modifiers, Categories and Modifier Groups.

Step Two - Editing Items to Import - Advanced

By default, the Menu Importer is setup to accept data pasted into (1) from an Excel Spreadsheet.  With a little 'tweaking' it can be configured to accept data in almost any format, including, manually typing items into (1).

Advanced Options (as shown in image above)

(2) Define the items you are importing - Categories, Products, Modifier Groups or Modifiers.

(3) Define how many columns your data has.  This is useful if you add a selection of data to (1) that has columns you wish to ignore when importing. 

(4) Define how your columns are separated / delimited  - Tab (default), Comma (,), Dash (-), Space.

(5) Define the fields required by Mobi2Go that match the columns in your data i.e Name, Description, Price, PLU.  This is useful if you have multiple columns of data and you need to ignore some.

(6) Define how your rows are separated / delimited  - Line Break (default), Tab, Comma (,), Space.

Step Three 
- Importing Items
Once happy with your data use the  button to import into your menu.

Note - Once imported, you will need to manually create the relationships between your Menu, Categories, Products, Modifier Groups and Modifiers.

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