Logging into MOBI

Welcome to MOBI!

The beginning of a new journey for your business, entering into the digital marketplace and giving your customer-base the ability to order your products via the internet. Exciting times!

The Admin Console is where the magic happens. This console will allow you to manage the back-end of your online ordering setup; everything from your company/store Settings, POS & Printer configuration to the Voucher module and the Menu manager.

How to Log in

  1. To log in, go to MOBIHQ.COM and click Log In
  2. Enter your Email address, Password and click the Login button.
  3. Once you have successfully logged in to the MOBI Admin Console, you will be able to view the setup for the store(s) that your account has access to.


⚡ If you have never accessed the MOBI Admin Console before, you can request access by contacting our MOBI Support team. You will then receive an email from us with instructions and a link to create a password.

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