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Menus are only available to edit at a Head Office level, not a Store level. If you are a store under a Head Office (e.g. multiple locations) & need to make changes, please contact your Company Administrator or please feel free to reach out to our Support team.


Menu Editor - Navigation Bar

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Menu - Storefront

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  1. Menus
  2. Categories
  3. Products
  4. Modifier Groups
  5. Modifiers

Menu Editor


Your menu contains all of your categories, products, modifier groups and modifiers.  Once you've created your menu you will need to assign your chosen menu to your store.

  1. To set the menu for your store, click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  2. In Settings, locate General Settings
  3. Next to General Settings, click EDIT
  4. All menus created for the company, will display under Menus
  5. Highlight all of the menus that your store requires. To select multiple, hold CTRL (or CMD for Mac) & click on all of the menus you want to highlight
  6. Once completed, click SAVE at the bottom of the page to submit your changes
  7. Alternatively click CANCEL to discard any changes made

If you have multiple stores you can assign the same, or, independent menus to each.  This is ideal for those stores that offer different pricing or products. Alternatively, you can use Menu Tiers for different pricing.

  • Learn more about managing menus here.

Categories are used to group your products (e.g drinks.)  Multiple categories can be assigned to a menu, and, categories can be shared across menus. In the hierarchy, Categories are 2nd.

  • Learn more about managing categories here.

Products are at the heart of your menu and they will be where you will spend the most time configuring, as these are the items that are sold. Products can also be shared across multiple categories & menus. In the hierarchy, Products are 3rd.

  • Learn more about managing products here.
Modifier Groups

Modifier Groups allow you to group modifiers together and assign these to a product.

For example: On a coffee product, you may have a Modifier Group for Milk options and one for Sugar options. Within those groups, different types of milk (regular, skim, soy etc.) & sugar (brown, raw, sweetener etc.) live. The different types of milk & sugar are the modifiers. A product can have multiple Modifier Groups assigned to it & a Modifier Group can be assigned to more than one product. In the hierarchy, Modifier Groups are 4th.

  • Learn more about managing modifier groups here.

Modifiers are assigned to a Modifier Group.

For example: As explained in Modifier Groups, the modifiers regular, skim & soy would be assigned to the Milk options Modifier Group for a coffee product.  A modifier can be assigned to more than one Modifier Group. Modifiers (and their Groups) can also be shared across multiple menus. In the hierarchy, Modifiers are 5th.

  • Learn more about managing modifiers here.
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