To assist in the loading of your menu we have included example items to help understand how each item works.  

The Menu Editor in Mobi2Go allows you to setup your menus, categories, products, modifier groups and modifiers.  The Menu Editor provides a number of powerful options to manage your menus and the configuration of the different elements.  

To help understand the standard terminology and setup of your menu we have outlined the main areas below and how these will be displayed in your Storefront.

(1) Menu

Your menu contains all of your categories, products, modifier groups and modifiers.  Once you've created your menu you will need to assign your chosen menu to your Store.   To set the menu for your Store navigate to Settings --> General Settings in your Mobi2Go Store Console.  

If you have multiple Stores you can assign the same, or, independent menu's to each.  This is ideal for those Stores that offer different pricing or products.

Learn more about managing menus here.


(2) Categories

Categories are used to group your products i.e. drinks.  Multiple categories can be assigned to a menu, and, categories can be shared across menu's.

Learn more about managing categories here.


(3) Products

Products are at the heart of your menu and where you will spend the most time configuring.  Products can be shared across multiple categories.

Learn more about managing products here.


(4) Modifier Groups

Modifier groups allow you to group modifiers together and assign these to a product.  For example on a coffee product you may have a modifier group for 'milk options' and one for 'sugar options'.  A product can have multiple modifier groups assigned to it, and, a modifier group can be assigned to more than one product.

Learn more about managing modifier groups here.


(5) Modifiers

Modifiers are assigned to a modifier group.  For example, the modifiers 'regular', half-n-half' and 'no-fat' would be assigned to the 'milk options' modifier group for a coffee product.  A modifier can be assigned to more than one modifier group.

Learn more about managing modifiers here.


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