Managing Menus

A good menu attracts customers by having a design that is eye-catching, categorisation of products that is easy to follow, products that have images & descriptions that describe the products accurately.


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Menus are only available to edit at a Head Office level, not a Store level. If you are a store under a Head Office (e.g. multiple locations) & need to make changes, please contact your Company Administrator or please feel free to reach out to our Support team.


Creating a new menu

🍴 A menu will contain Categories, Products, Modifier Groups & Modifiers — everything sits underneath Menu. 

Menu Name

This is the name of your menu & will display on the website. 💻

Internal Name

The Internal Name is useful if you have multiple menus and want to assign more descriptive names to them for internal tracking in the Menu Manager.

💡 Hot Tip: The better the internal naming conventions are with your menu, categories, products & modifiers - the easier it will be to find later on.


You can give your Menu a Description. 

✏ Note: This isn't mandatory, but can be useful if there are multiple menus and will display externally, on the website.

Assigning categories to menu

Once you save your menu the button will appear.  You need to assign categories to your menu in order for items to show in your Storefront.  The same category can be assigned to multiple menus.

To add categories to your menu select the categories on the left that you want to add.

Tip - To change the order categories display in your Storefront you can use the  button to the left of each selected category to drag and re-arrange the order.


Set menu availability with Tags

With Tags, you can set specific conditions for availability (eg. delivery only) & wait times (eg. for catering items.) 

⚡ For more information about using Tags, please refer to our articles on Availability Tags and  Dynamic Wait Times


🔎 You'll notice a few things after you click Save. 

  1. Edit Categories appears (the next level in the hierarchy)
  2. Cafe Menu will be in bold font and will show on the left-hand side with Created! to the right
  3. The number at the top next to Menus will increase
  4. You also now have the ability to Delete, or Save if you change the names, description or tags. 

💡 Hot Tip: We recommend Creating all of your Menus, Categories, Products, Modifiers & Modifier Groups first, then Edit them to link them together.


Assigning your menu to a store

Once you've created your menu you will need to assign your chosen menu to your Store, which is done by editing your Store Settings, in the General Settings section .  



🍴  If you offer a different menu for multiple order methods (e.g., Pickup, Delivery, Table ordering), you can assign multiple menus to a single store (hold control+click to select multiple), and control their availability using menu tags.

🍴  If you have multiple Stores you can assign the same, or different menus to each. 

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