Managing Categories

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Categories are used to group your products i.e. drinks.  Multiple categories can be assigned to a menu, and, categories can be shared across menu's.

Tip - You can import categories directly through the Menu Importer.

Creating New Categories

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Display Name - 
This is the name for the category that displays in your Storefront to customers.

Internal Name - 
This is useful if you have multiple categories and want to assign more descriptive names to them for internal tracking in the menu editor.  The internal name is not seen by customers.

Image - You can add images for each of your categories.  You can upload images for use in the menu editor by using the Image Uploader.

Description - This is the category description that is displayed to customers in your Storefront.

Assigning Products to Categories

Once you save your category the "EDIT PRODUCTS" button will appear.  

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You need to assign products to your category in order for items to show in your Storefront.  The same product can be assigned to multiple categories.

To add products to your category select the products on the left that you want to add (1).

To remove the products from your category select the remove button on the right (3).

Tip - To change the order products display in your Storefront you can use the  button to the left of each selected product to drag and re-arrange the order (2).

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