Upload images

If you are planning to have images on your online menu, you will need to follow the steps below:


Step 1 - Upload Images

In your Stores Mobi2Go Console navigate to Settings --> Product Images.

Choose the images you want to upload (multiple images can be selected) and select Upload Images.

Image uploads are limited to 1MB per image.
Supported image types are PNG, JPG and GIF. 




Step 2 - Adding Images to Categories / Products

Now that you have uploaded your images, you can assign these images to your categories and products.

When adding / editing a category or product in the Menu Editor you will see a  button.  

Clicking this will bring up the image gallery and allow you to select the image you want to assign to the selected product or category.

If the product already has an image assigned to it, you can remove and update the image by clicking on the choose image button and then clicking on the replacement image from your image gallery.



*Ensure your images are named. This will make assigning them to a product or category a lot easier and quicker

**Ensure images are the same size / resolution for consistency. Menus with various size imagery and consistency looks shoddy 

***If you are going to have images on your menu, try to have images for all menu items


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