How to add a new user to your store


It is easy to invite others into your Store.  This works well when you want to provide a manager, partner, web designer etc. access to your Stores reports, management and configuration.




To invite a user into your Store navigate to Settings --> Users in your Mobi2Go Console and enter the email address of the user you wish to invite and select Send Invite.

From here you can scroll down and find the administration settings. Proceed to click on the edit users button.




This page will list all of your existing users. Here you can remove and invite new users to manage the administration of your Mobi2Go store. 




Once invited the new user will receive an email inviting them to create a Mobi2Go account and access your Store.

You can remove a user at anytime by selecting the remove option.  All users will have administrator access to your Store and are not restricted to what they can edit or change.





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