What is Vend?

More than just a pretty face, Vend is easy to set up and a joy to use. Say goodbye to ugly, outdated POS software for ever and say hello to a beautiful point-of-sale system, designed for the modern retailer. Fashion boutique or cafe, franchise or salon, Vend is flexible to suit both your business and the device you choose. iPad, Mac, Windows or Android.

This help article assumes your starting point is Mobi2Go and that you already have a Vend account.  You can sign-up to a 30 day free trial of vend at

Setting up your Vend connection in Mobi2Go

Step One - Connecting your Vend account

Go to your Store Settings Page. Click the Edit button next to the Incoming Orders heading.

Select Vend from the drop down.

Step Two - Authorizing Vend with Mobi2Go

Click the Authorize Mobi2Go with Vend button.

A modal will open, which will ask you to enter your Vend store address.

Enter your Vend store address and click next. If your not logged into Vend it will ask you to enter your username and password.

Click the Allow Access button.

Step Three - Selecting your Settings

Once you have successfully connected to your Vend system Mobi2Go will ask you to confirm the Outlet Name and Register Name that you want orders sent to.  It will also ask you to choose the Payment Type you would like orders paid for by credit card assigned to within Vend and if you want customers details sent to Vend when they order.

Step Four - Check the Connection

Now that all the settings are correct you can check the connection with Vend by clicking the Check Connection button.

Setting up a Custom Payment Types in Vend

When a customer pays for an order via credit card you can choose which payment type to send this through to your Vend account as.  You can choose to select the default 'credit card' option in Vend, or, add a Mobi2Go specific Payment Type for more granular reporting.

To add a custom Payment Type navigate Setup --> Payment and Taxes and select the 'New Payment Type' option.


Import products from Vend

Importing your products from Vend is a simple process.

Step One - Go to the Menu Importer

Go to the Menu Page and click the Go to Menu Importer link at the top.

Now select POS System from the drop down.

Step Two - Import the Menu

Select your store from the Select Location drop down and click the Import From POS button (This might take a little while).

Once the products have been imported from Vend you will see a list of products like so.

Now click the Import button at the bottom of the page.

Once everything is imported you will see a message like this one.

Note: If you are having trouble loading your menu you can contact at anytime for guidance.

Receiving Orders - Notifications

Once you have connected Mobi2Go to your Vend account and loaded your menu, you will be able to send orders directly to our POS. However, you will need to purchase a Mobi2Go Printer if you wish to have the orders print in-store. More info on our printers can be found on our website.



Receiving orders in Vend

To review and accept the Mobi2Go order you need to open Sales History from the main menu within Vend, pick the latest order and select Open Sale

This will open the order in your Vend Sell Screen and allow to to tender it off like any other sale when the customer arrives at the Store.  Customers will have already paid for their order online, or, will be required to pay on pick-up delivery.

Payment Required Orders

Once recalled you will be able to tender these off like any other order - cash, EFTPOS, credit card

Paid Orders

Once recalled these will show a $0.00 balance, however you will still need to assign a Payment Type to these by selecting 'Pay' and then selecting the credit card Payment Type, or, the Payment Type you created in the previous step specific for Mobi2Go Orders.


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  • I use Vend. It would be great to automatically print kitchen docket and receipt when the order is received or schedule for it to be printed 5minutes before pick up time. it's very difficult to work on the sell screen and continuously check sales history for parked mobi2go sales.

    A red flag at the top of the sell screen telling the cashier there is a new parked sale would help a lot. Even with a timer showing how many minutes until pickup so the cashier can time the order.

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