SwiftPOS Version or above. 

Step 1 - Activate SwiftPOS to Receive Mobi2Go Orders

To receive Mobi2Go orders to your Store through SwiftPOS a static IP address is required and various ports need to be opened to external traffic.

To setup your SwiftPOS terminal to receive orders from Mobi2Go you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Open ports 1433 TCP and 1434 UDP on POS router
  2. If you not have an external IP address – Look at www.no-ip.com
  3. Turn off Windows firewall on point of sale or allow SQL service through
  4. Attach Table Tracking DB
  5. Make point of sale the “Web Order Master” in Table Tracking settings
  6. Enable Web Orders in Table Tracking settings on point of sale
  7. Add Web Order Printer in peripherals
  8. Confirm location ID of Store in SwiftPOS for adding to Mobi2Go
  9. Add “Finalize Paid Order” button on Touch Keyboard for online Credit Card payment.
Table Tracking Connection Setup



Enable Web Ordering

Under 'Tools' menu.



Step 2 - Setup Mobi2Go to Send Orders to SwiftPOS

Navigate to Settings --> Receiving Orders in your Mobi2Go Console and select SwiftPOS under POS Systems and enter the relevant details:


POS Location ID

This is the Location ID that is assigned to your Store in SwiftPOS.

Connection Details

Enter the static IP / DNS name and port number (usually 1433) that have been setup for external access to your point of sale terminal.

Database Details

Enter the Table Tracking authentication details.

Payment Schema ID

These are the Payment Schemas setup in the point of sale.  By default they are:

Pick-Up: 0

Delivery: 0

Eat-In: 0

Credit Card: 3


If utilizing Delivery, Vouchers or Surcharges for your Store the PLUs assigned to these 'products' in SwiftPOS need to be entered here.


Troubleshooting - Failed Orders

If you are receiving failed order notifications it is important to check the following.  These often occur when changing internet provider or installing a new router:


1. Your static IP has changed.  Who can check your current IP address by navigating to http://www.whatsmyip.org/ and ensuring this matches the IP address you have loaded in Mobi2Go.

2. Port forwarding on your router is no longer active.  In order to communicate with SwiftPOS Mobi2Go requires port 1433 to be opened on your router and forwarded to the POS terminal SwiftPOS is running on.  If you have replaced or reset your router this port forwarding will need to be re-enabled through the router admin console.   


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