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This applications requires .Net 4.0 to be installed.  Some older point of sale versions running on XP or earlier may not be compatible with .Net 4.0.  If installing on a PC with a point of sale system running we recommend installing this application on a test machine first, and, having an IT professional install.


The Mobi2Go Print Connect app allows you to receive orders directly to your PC and print directly to a windows printer / receipt printer.


Internet connection

Windows PC

.Net 4.0 (available as part of install process)

Windows printer / Receipt printer


Step 1 - Download Mobi2Go Print Connect

You can download the Mobi2Go Print Direct app to your PC below:

Mobi2Go Print Connect Install File 

Once downloaded to your computer you can begin the install process by double clicking the Mobi2Go Print Connect Setup app icon:


Step 2 - .Net 4.0 Install

If your system required .Net 4.0 to be installed the installer will prompt you to this requirement.  Selecting 'Yes' will walk you through the install process for .Net4.0.


Step 3- Installing

Follow the install instructions displayed on-screen.


Step 4- Authenticating 

The first time you run the Mobi2Go Print Connect app you will be prompted to enter your:

   API Key; OR

   Username & Password

The Username and Password are those used to login to your Mobi2Go Admin Console.  

Once you have 'authenticated' your credentials a list of Stores that your API Key or User have access to will be displayed.  Select the Store you wish to receive orders for.




Step 5 - Assigning a Printer

Once you have assigned a Store you will be able to select the printer that you want orders to be printed to, number of copies required and font options.  

The 'Test Print' option allows you check that your printer is successfully setup.

Once 'saved' your are ready to configure Mobi2Go and begin receiving orders directly to your printer.


Step 6 - Editing Settings

You can update your settings anytime by right-clicking the Mobi2Go Print Connect app in your windows task bar and selecting 'API Settings'.


Step 7 - Configuring Mobi2Go

Once you have successfully installed the Mobi2Go Print Connect app the final step is to configure Mobi2Go to send orders to the app.  To do this you need to set the receiving orders method in your Mobi2Go Console to 'Mobi2Go Print Connect' for your Store.  

You can find this options by logging into your Mobi2Go Console and navigating to Settings --> Receive Orders Via and selecting 'Mobi2Go Print Connect' from the drop-down options.  



Step 8 - Testing

Now that you have installed the Mobi2Go Print Connect app and configured Mobi2Go for your Store you are ready to test everything is setup correctly.

We recommend placing orders through your Store as a customer would to ensure that they complete successfully and print as expected.

If you run into any issues you can contact our Support Team at


Trouble Shooting

My customers get a 'communications error' when trying to complete  an order

If the Mobi2Go Print Connect App is not running, or, you are having Internet issues which means the app can not communicate with Mobi2Go then we will stop confirming orders to customers until we can successfully communicate with the app again.  This prevents orders being completed by a customer, but, never reaching your Store.


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