Embed MOBI into Wix

You can embed your MOBI Storefront directly into your Wix website rather than having to redirect customers to an external site for ordering.

Step One - Adding the Wix HTML Editor to your site

On the page you want to add MOBI ordering to:

1. Add the Wix iFrame / Embed app from the Wix App Market (left hand side of page options)



2. When added choose the HTML Editor settings options:

 a) In the 'Mode' dropdown change from 'Website address' to 'HTML Code'

 b) Copy and paste your MOBI Storefront Embed Code (instructions below) into the 'HTML / embed code' box. 
 c) Please also ensure you add the following code to the start of your "MOBI Storefront Embed Code" when copying into the HTML box:

<div id="Mobi2Go-Storefront"></div>

Note: it's recommended that you make the embed container 100% width or a little wider.



Step Two - Obtaining your MOBI Storefront Embed Code


To obtain the customized embed code for your Storefront  navigate to Storefront --> Embed into an existing website in your MOBI Console.



Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 12.21.09 PM.png

Step Three - Authorising Embed Code in MOBI  

Once you have added your Storefront  code you need to add your domain details into MOBI in order to authorise your Storefront to display.  This is to prevent your Storefront being embedded into sites without your permission.

a) In your MOBI Console navigate to Storefront --> Website Settings and add yourdomain.com to the External Domain setting and save.

b) Then enter your domain into the Whitelisted Domains field twice, making sure to add "‘.usrfiles.com’ onto the end of the second one.
For Example: "www.mystore.co.nz,www-mystore-co-nz.usrfiles.com"
Then click save.

Your Storefront should now show in the page where embedded.


- If using a free Wix website i.e. mysite.wix.com you may need to set the external domain to static.wix.com

- The mobile embed for Wix uses an iFrame so the mobile version does not perform as well as the web version. This is something we hope to address soon



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