Embed MOBI into WordPress

For customers to order, you need to make sure that your website it always secure! Before you go live, make sure your website is secure:



You can embed your MOBI Storefront directly into your WordPress website rather than having to redirect customers to an external site for ordering.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress site, in the menu on the left hand side go to Plugins > Add NewSearch Plugins for MOBI, then click the Install Now button.


Step 2: Once it has installed click the Activate button.


Step 3: After the plugin has been activated, you'll be taken back to the main Plugin screen. Select the MOBI plugin to continue.

Step 4: Click on the generate an API key link and log in with your MOBI credentials.


Step 5: Once your account page loads, click the Generate API Key button.



Step 6: Copy the newly generated key then head back to WordPress and paste the key into the field on the Plugin Settings page.

Step 7: After you have saved your API key, you can now select your store from the dropdown menu there and click Save Changes.


Step 8: Create or edit a page and, in the content, you'll need to add a tag. This is [mobi2go]. Add this to the page where you want your storefront to show.


Step 9: The last remaining step so that your storefront is visible is to add your website’s domain to the Website > Domain settings section in the MOBI admin. Click Edit and then add to Whitelist domains.


That's it! Now your MOBI storefront will load in your WordPress managed website.

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