Embed Mobi2Go into WordPress

You can embed your Mobi2Go Storefront directly into your WordPress website rather than having to redirect customers to an external site for ordering.

Step One - Add the Mobi2Go Plugin

Login to your WordPress site, in the menu on the left hand side go to Plugins > Add New.

Search Plugin for Mobi2Go, then click the install now button.

Once it's installed click the activate plugin link.

Step Two - Generate API key 

Click on the Generate API key link and make sure to login with your Mobi2Go credentials.

Once you have added your API key click Save Changes.

Step Three - Select Your Store

After you have saved your API key, you can now select your store from the dropdown.

Once you have select your store click Save Changes.

Step Four - Adding the Storefront to a Page

Now you can create a new page or edit an existing page, in the content you need to add a tag which is [mobi2go] add this to the content were you want the storefront to show.

Step Five - Authorizing Embed Code in Mobi2Go  

Add your website’s domain to the Website > Domain Setting section in the Mobi2Go console:


Then add to Whitelist domains.


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