Embed Mobi2Go into WordPress

You can embed your Mobi2Go Storefront directly into your WordPress website rather than having to redirect customers to an external site for ordering.

Step One - Add the Mobi2Go Plugin

Login to your WordPress site, in the menu on the left hand side go to Plugins > Add New.

Search Plugin for Mobi2Go, then click the install now button.

Once it's installed click the activate plugin link.

Step Two - Add your API key to the Mobi2Go Plugin Settings

To generate an API key go to: https://www.mobi2go.com/admin/useraccount/my-account

Now copy and paste your API key into the Mobi2Go Plugin Settings in WordPress.

Once you have added your API key click Save Changes.

Step Three - Select Your Store

After you have saved your API key, you can now select your store from the dropdown.

Once you have select your store click Save Changes.

Step Four - Adding the Storefront to a Page

Now you can create a new page or edit an existing page, in the content you need to add a tag which is [mobi2go] add this to the content were you want the storefront to show.

Step Five - Authorizing Embed Code in Mobi2Go  

Add your website’s domain to the Website > Domain Setting section in the Mobi2Go console.

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