Using a Custom Domain with Mobi2Go

When using a custom domain customers can find your Storefront by typing in instead of having to type in


Step 1 - Adding a CNAME Record Screen_Shot_2012-12-01_at_12.19.39_PM.png

The process to update your CNAME record may vary from provider to provider.  

It is recommended you only proceed with this if you are comfortable updating your domanin records.

In your CNAME configuration:

1. Set your Domain Aliases to

2. Set the Domain Name that this resolves to to




Step 2 - Adding your Domain to Mobi2Go 

Once you have setup your CNAME record you need to add your domain details into Mobi2Go.

In your Mobi2Go Console navigate to Storefront --> Website Settings and add to the External Domain setting and save.

Your custom domain should now re-direct to your Mobi2Go Storefront.  

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