Managing Modifier Groups

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Modifier groups allow you to group modifiers together and assign these to a product.  For example on a coffee product you may have a modifier group for 'milk options' and one for 'sugar options'.  A product can have multiple modifier groups assigned to it, and, a modifier group can be assigned to more than one product.

Tip  - You can import modifier groups directly through the Menu Importer.

Creating New Modifier Groups

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Display Name - 
This is the name for the modifier group that displays in your Storefront to customers.

Internal Name - 
This is useful if you have multiple modifier groups and want to assign more descriptive names to them for internal tracking in the menu editor.  The internal name is not seen by customers.

Description - 
This is the modifier group description that is displayed to customers in your Storefront.

Show by Default -
This box will need to be checked if you wish for the modifier group to display when a product is selected. Otherwise, the modifier group will only show once the product is selected after being added to the order.

Size - 
If selected the modifier group will act as a size option.  To learn more about setting up sizes click here.

Tags - To learn more about Tags click here.

Creating New Modifier Groups - Advanced Options

The following advanced settings are available when creating a new modifier group:

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Override Product's Modifier Selection Limit - Selecting this option will override the 'modifier selection limit' if set at the product level.

Modifier Credit - If the modifiers assigned to your modifier group have a cost associated with them you can use the modifier credit option to override this cost.  For example, if your modifier group is for sauces that can be added to a product, and, each sauce is 50c you could set the modifier credit to 50c to allow the customer one free sauce.

Selection Requirement - Lets you set the minimum number of modifiers a customer must choose.

Selection Limit - Lets you set the maximum number of modifiers a customer can choose.

Assigning Modifiers to a Modifier Group

Once you save your modifier group the Edit Modifiers.png button will appear allowing you the option to add modifiers to your modifier group.  The same modifiers can be assigned to multiple modifier groups.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 11.52.38 AM.png

To add modifiers to your modifier group select the modifier on the left that you want to add (1).

Tip - To change the order modifiers are displayed in your Storefront you can use the  button to the left of each selected modifier to drag and re-arrange the order (2).

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