PayPal Express Checkout

Setting-Up & Configuring PayPal Express Checkout

The following instructions detail setting-up, activating and configuring a PayPal account with Express Checkout and covers the following topics:

  • Creating a PayPal Account
  • Activating Express Checkout
  • Creating your PayPal API Signature
  • Finding your Merchant ID
  • Verifying your PayPal Account / Lifting Withdrawal Limits
  • Withdrawing Funds from your PayPal Account


Step One - Creating a PayPal Account

1. Sign-Up for a PayPal account by navigating to and choosing the 'Sign-Up' option.

2. Select the 'Business' account type.

3. Complete the required Company and account detail steps.

4. When you have successfully signed-up you will be required to verify your email address, and, select the 'Go to My Business Setup' option.

Step Two - Activating Express Checkout

Once you have created your PayPal account you need to activate if for Express Checkout.

1. From the My Business Setup screen select 'product selection page' under the 'Set up my payment solution' option.

2. Select the 'Add Product' option under Express Checkout.


Step Three - Creating your PayPal API Signature

To integrate PayPal Express Checkout with Mobi2Go you need to create an API Signature and add these details to your Mobi2Go's Store.

1. From the 'My Account' tab navigate to Profile --> My Selling Tools --> API Access


2. Under API Access Select Option 2 --> Request API Credentials

Note, if you have previously created an API Signature select Option 2 --> View API Signature.

3.  Under Request API Credentials select the 'Request API Signature' option. 

4. Once your API Signature has been created, log in to your Mobi2Go dashboard, so to Settings --> Payment Settings --> Edit, chose the Paypal Express checkout from the payment Gateway drop-down, you will see credential form on the right side of the screen. Enter your credentials and hit 'Save' button.


Finding Your Merchant ID

You can find your PayPal Merchant Account ID from the 'My Account' tab by navigating to 'Profile --> My Business Info'


Verifying your PayPal Account / Lifting Withdrawal Limits

Having a verified PayPal account means that you have provided PayPal additional information to prove your identity. This gives potential customers more confidence in your legitimacy, and qualifies you to be covered under PayPal's Seller Protection. Verifying your account also removes account limits and enables you to transfer money between your PayPal account and your other linked bank accounts.

You can verify your account and lift withdrawal limits by navigating to your PayPal Overview page and selecting 'Account Limits: View Limits'.  On this page select the 'Lift Limit' option to begin the account verification process by validating your credit card details.


Withdrawing Funds from your PayPal Account

You can withdraw funds from your PayPal account by navigating to your PayPal Overview page and selecting 'Withdraw'.  If this is the first time you have withdrawn funds PayPal will require you to first nominate a bank account to deposit funds into.


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