If you're looking for a payment provider, consider the innovative option of Braintree. Enjoy the technology & support of Braintree with the scale, backing and confidence of PayPal.

With Mobi2Go, you can use Braintree for online payments. Customers can even securely save their credit card details for future purchases, whilst trusting the PayPal brand.


Set up Braintree

You can create a Braintree account for your Mobi2Go store by visiting Braintree & signing up. Once you have setup & had your Braintree account approved, you can set up the Braintree integration for Mobi2Go.

Find your API settings in Braintree

  1. Login to your Braintree account
  2. Navigate to Account from the menu bar & select/click on My User
  3. On the My User page scroll down until you come to the Authorisation section
  4. Click API Keys to access your API & CSE (Client-Side Encryption) Keys
  5. From the API Keys page, copy your Merchant ID, Public Key, Private Key and CSE Key fields
  6. Paste the 4 values into a Word or Notepad blank document, to temporarily keep them aside


Configure Braintree in Mobi2Go

Now that you have your API keys, CSE key & Merchant ID you can finalise the integration by completing the Mobi2Go setup.

  1. To activate Braintree in Mobi2Go, from the store dashboard, click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  2. On the Settings page scroll down to locate Payment settings
  3. Next to Payment settings, click EDIT
  4. In Payment Settings, locate Online Payments
  5. Under Online Payments, from the menu under Payment gateway, click on the drop-down menu & select Braintree
  6. On the right-hand side, the same fields you copied from earlier in your Braintree account will now display (Merchant ID, Public Key, Private Key & CSE Key)
  7. From the Word or Notepad document (that you prepared earlier) copy the Braintree values & paste the matching values into the correct fields
  8. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page to submit & activate your Braintree integration
  9. Alternatively, click CANCEL to disregard any changes made

Pro Tip

If the video is blurry when maximised, please click on the cog icon & then click on 720p or 1080p to change the resolution from Auto to 720p/1080p. Give it a few seconds & the video will clear up. 


We recommend that you send through a test order & payment via credit card, to make sure everything is working & that it appears in your Braintree console. If you need assistance, please check out Braintree's Help Page or feel free to contact our Support team.

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