eWAY Rapid API

Setting-Up & Configuring eWAY

You can create an eWAY account for your Store at www.eway.com.au.  The following assumes you have setup and had your eWAY account approved.


To activate eWAY in Mobi2Go login to your Stores Admin Console and navigate to Settings --> Payment Settings and choose eWay from the dropdown of options.


You will need to populate the API Key and API Password fields with your eWAY settings.


Finding your API Key in eWAY


Step One - Navigate to 'My Account - User Security':


Step Two - Navigate to 'Manage Users':



Step Three - From 'Actions' Dropdown select 'View API Keys':


Step Four - Copy your Rapid API Key and paste in to the API Key field in Mobi2Go:


Finding your API Password in eWAY

The API Password to enter into Mobi2Go is the eWAY login password of the user you selected the API key from in Step Four above.

Once all settings have been entered into Mobi2Go, select Save to activate eWAY for your Store.  It is recommended you complete an order paying by credit card to ensure that it successfully completes and the transaction appears in your eWAY Console.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode switches the eWAY integration into test mode and assumes you have entered your Sandbox API Key and API Password into Mobi2Go.

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