Facebook Ordering

Integrating Mobi2Go with Facebook


Note: To set up Facebook ordering, the you must have a personal Facebook account, have administrative access to your businesses Facebook page and Mobi2Go Head Office access.The Page Tabs feature is only available to Pages with 2000 or more fans, or pages managed by whitelisted apps.


Step One

Login to your personal Facebook account. To activate Facebook ordering, you must be using Facebook as yourself.      


Step Two

Go to the Facebook page of your business.


Step Three

Click the link below to install the Mobi2Go Facebook app:

Install Mobi2Go App


Step Four

Follow the setup instructions to install on your businesses page.  You must have permission to edit and add apps:


Step Five

Go to the Facebook app just installed on your businesses Facebook page, this is called 'Online Ordering'. It should appear on the left hand side of the page under “APPS”.    


Step Six

From Mobi2Go Head Office Admin navigate to Website --> Domain Settings and obtain your Store URL:

In the 'Online Ordering' Facebook App enter your Store URL into the text box (labelled "Store URL"):

Step Seven

Click save.


Changing Tab Name / Image

To change the name of the tab or image that is displayed on the tab navigate to Settings --> Apps from your businesses Facebook page.  

On the Mobi2Go App choose 'edit settings':

You will then be able to rename the tab and add an accompanying image:

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