Setting up your Revel connection in Mobi2Go

Step One - Connecting your Revel account

Go to your Store Settings Page. Click the Edit button next to the Incoming Orders header.

Now select Revel from the drop down.

Step Two - Add your Revel credentials

Now you will need to add your API Key & Secret (These will need to be requested from Revel) and your Revel Url (Which is usually like this: [store name]

Click the save button.

Step Three - Select your Establishment

Now you will need to select the Establishment from the drop down.

Click the save button.

Step Four - Complete the rest of the Settings

Now you will have to select the Station that the orders will be sent to, the User which is used as the user who created the order in Revel and Tax Exclusive Prices set this to yes if the products in Revel are tax exclusive or no if they are tax inclusive.

Click the save button.

Step Five - Check the Connection

Now that all the settings are correct you can check the connection with Revel by clicking the Check Connection button.

Importing your Menu from Revel

Importing your menu from Revel is a simple process.

Step One - Go to the Menu Importer

Go to the Menu Page and click the Go to Menu Importer link at the top.

Now select POS System from the drop down.

Step Two - Import the Menu

Select your store from the Select Location drop down and click the Import from POS button (This might take a little while). Once it is finished you will see a list of menus, categories, modifier groups, products and modifiers.

Now click the Import button at the bottom of the page.

Once everything is imported you will see a message like this one.

Note: If you are having trouble loading your menu you can contact at anytime for guidance.

Setting the Menu for your Store

Go to your store settings page. Click the Edit button next to the General Settings header.

Now select your menu from the Menu drop down.

Click save.

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