Maitre'D (Version 7 & 8)

Setting up your Maitre'D connection in Mobi2Go

Step One - Connecting your Maitre'D POS

Go to your Store Settings Page. Click the Edit button next to the Incoming Orders header.

Now select Maitre`D from the drop down.

Now you will be presented with a list of settings to fill-out.

The settings are as follows:

  • IP Address
  • Port
  • Version (This is the version of Maitre`D you are running)
  • Discount, Surcharge & Tip plu
  • Online & Offline Payment ID
  • Tax ID
  • Pickup & Delivery Center (Revenue center, Delivery Center is only needed if you are doing deliveries)

The Online & Offline Payment ID, Tax ID and the Pickup & Delivery centre settings can be obtain from the POS.

For Mobi2Go to be able to connect to Maitre`D the POS will need to be running either MDProxy for version 7 or MDMealZone for version 8. Also port forwarding will need to be setup so that Mobi2Go can talk to Maitre`D.

Once all the settings have been filled out click Save.

Importing your Menu from Maitre`D

Importing your menu from Maitre'D is a simple process.

For version 8 not export from the POS is required but for version 7 you will need to run the Price List by Division export to csv.

Note: Version 8 will only import Products & Modifiers. Version 7 will create a whole menu.

Step One - Go to the Menu Importer

Go to the Menu Page and click the Go to Menu Importer link at the top.

Now select POS System from the drop down.

Step Two - Import the Menu

If you are using Maitre'D version 7 you will be asked to upload your export file.

Click the Import from POS button (This might take a little while).

Once the Import is finished you will see a list of Menu items.

Click the Import button at the bottom of the page (This might take a little while).

Once the menu has been imported you will see a message like this.

Note: If you are having trouble loading your menu you can contact at anytime for guidance.


External Codes

All the products & modifiers will need to have an external code set on them in Maitre'D.

The external code for each product and modifier needs to be set to that products or modifiers item id.

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