Setting up your Menumate connection in MOBI

Getting your Menumate POS ready for Web Orders

Please ensure that your Menumate POS has been set up for Web Orders. This can be done by following instructions here.

Further documentation regarding the Menumate POS can be found here.

Connecting your Menumate POS

Go to your Store Settings Page. Click the Edit button next to the Incoming Orders header.

Now select Menumate from the drop down.

Now you will be presented with a list of settings to fill-out.

Add your External IP Address to the URL field and the Port that Menumate is running on to the Port field, and click Save. If you're having trouble with finding your external IP address or port, please see our troubleshooting guide here.

Once the page reloads, click Check Connection. This will display a message letting you know whether the connection to your POS is valid or not.



If the connection details are not valid, the following troubleshooting steps may help:

Step 1—External IP:  Double check that the IP address in the IP/DNS field is your "public IP address" as returned by tools such as Google, or Whatsmyip.  Note in addition that you must have a static IP.  If you do not have a static IP address, you can try using a service such as No-IP or other dynamic DNS service which will (once properly configured) provide a domain which will map to your dynamic IP.  If you have a service like this, enter the domain name provided by the service here, not your IP address.

Step 2—External Port:  Double check that the port is correct.  Your Menumate POS software normally runs on port 8733 of a computer on your internal network.  The most common configuration is for your firewall to be configured to forward port 8733 on your firewall to port 8733 of the POS system on your internal network, in which case the port should be "8733".  In some cases your firewall may be configured to forward some arbitrary port (like 6000) on the firewall to port 8733 of your POS.  This will work, but the external port (eg, 6000) needs to be entered in the port field.

Step 3—Internal IP:  Double check that you know the internal IP address of your POS.  This should look like "" or "", or similar.  You can verify it by visiting http://INTERNAL_IP:8733/MenumateServices/WebMate/?wsdl in your browser while on the same network as the POS , where the phrase "INTERNAL_IP" is replaced by the actual internal IP of your POS.  If this shows a lot of XML, then you have the right IP.  If it times out or shows an error, this is not the right IP.

Step 4—Firewall Configuration: Double check that your firewall is configured correctly to forward connections on the external port from step 2 to port 8733 of the internal IP from step 3.  This is the responsibility of your IT team, and the process depends on your network configuration, the model of router or firewall you have, and other factors outside of our control.

If you have completed the four steps above, the connection should work.  You can verify this by visiting http://EXTERNAL_IP:PORT//MenumateServices/WebMate/?wsdl in your browser, where the phrase EXTERNAL_IP is replaced by the external IP from step 1, and PORT is replaced by the external port from step 2.  If this displays a lot of XML, then you're good to go; try confirming the connection in MOBI again.  If there is an error then please review the steps above.

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