Identifying my IP Address / Port

If Mobi2Go needs a static IP or Port opened for integration with your POS the following will help find / troubleshoot these.


Finding your IP address

Visiting from your POS terminal will display your IP address.  It's important that you have set up a static IP with your Internet provider so that this doesn't change.


Determining whether your store's IP is correct and port is open

Please use the site "" from the main POS terminal; this will allow you to test and ensure our connection is possible. You'll just need to replace the numbers in the "Port to Check" field with the appropriate Port number and click "Check Port". Typically, your POS provider will specify which port number should be used.

If the test comes back with a "Port Open" response, Mobi2Go's connection to the POS should be valid and a test order or two should be sent to confirm. If the app returns an error or failure, ensure that port forwarding is correctly set up. This can be done by logging into the router and setting up a new rule for the port.

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